Crazy Art is a compelling, revealing examination of the therapeutic relationship between art and mental illness. Justin Rowe the director/editor, beautifully juxtaposes the art and artists, letting the artists reveal themselves through their words and their art.

Arthur Schmidt,
Two-time Academy Award winner for film editing

Click above to see the trailer of Crazy Art - a compelling documentary on the role of creative expression in recovery from mental illness. The film features three artists, based in Santa Barbara, California: Trinaty Wakefield, Rodger Casier, and Lesley Grogan. The film explores how these three mid-life adults - who have long wrestled with the symptoms of schizophrenia, mania and depression - use their artistic gifts to help them cope and thrive. The documentary also looks at how van Gogh similarly struggled with psychiatric symptoms as he pushed the limits of his imagination to create brilliant new visions of art.